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Waiting for our flight connection.

Our first destination: Edinburgh, Scotland capital city. Ready to walk? Have a look of this amazing city …enjoy!

Count down! 9 days!

  Hola a todos! Se dieron cuenta que ya estamos casi casi subiendo al avión? Algunos recordatorios: Recuerden llevar, en el bolso de mano, ropa alternativa para viajar cómodos ….de esa manera, en cuanto pasemos migraciones o ya arriba del… Leer Más →

Adventure in London

Meet Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter in London! Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter  

The City of Cambridge

The City of Oxford

Oxford was originally King Mempricius’ city, built on the River Thames somewhere between 1400 and 1500 BC. Archaeological finds of Neolithic arrowheads and other remains from that period have been discovered in the city, supporting Rous’ Theory. In the Saxon… Leer Más →

Something to do in Stratford-upon-Avon: Shakespeare´s Land

More About Bath: The Royal Crescent

Something about Bath

Attractions in Bath

Attractions in Bath


Bienvenidos a Newlands UK Tour, Gira Cultural y Deportiva realizada por el Colegio Newlands con destino a United Kingdom.

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